SL Industry Co., Ltd.

“Taste you can create” is the definition that we adhere to in doing business to reinforce our leadership in the production and distribution of various types of tea and coffee powder for over 4 decades from generation to generation. We continue to improve continuously under the slogan “CHANGTHONG, Taste you can create”.

We care about selecting quality raw materials from all over the world. Including paying attention to production to meet international standards in every step. in order to get products with a unique taste and identity like no other Meet the needs of both domestic and international customers.

At first, we started our business in 1977 under the name of “Seng Huat Lee Limited Partnership”, producing and distributing Thai tea powder, Chak tea powder, Ceylon tea powder, green tea powder, traditional coffee, cocoa powder, matcha powder and seeds. Fresh coffee under the brand “Chang Thong”

In the year 2013, the business operation was changed to a company model by establishing “SL Industry Co., Ltd.” to expand and support the business that is growing and expanding continuously. We remain committed to research and development. various products to have a variety Maintain quality standards for products and services to meet international standards in order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers

“ We understand various needs ”

At present, the company distributes products under the trademarks “Changthong” and “555” ” which consist of the following product groups

  1. Tea powder group : Ceylon tea, Chak tea, Thai tea
  2. Green Tea Group: Milk Green Tea, Green Tea Green Tea, Matcha Green Tea
  3. Coffee Powder Group : Ancient Coffee Powder
  4. Cocoa powder : Cocoa powder
  5. Group of fresh coffee beans : fresh coffee beans

Create your brand (OEM)

we are ready Determined and determined to produce products that meet the needs. for your brand No matter what type of business you are. small or large We are ready to provide services under the same standards. with a professional team with more than 40 years of experience

“ We are the leader in the production and distribution of quality tea and coffee powder in Thailand ”

with a long accumulated experience For more than 40 years from generation to generation can meet your needs and ensure that You will receive a product that meets your needs, tastes good, has a unique identity like no other. able to create recognition for the consumer group in the tea-coffee market which is a business group that has continued to grow both domestically and internationally

Modern Machinery

Research and Product Development


There is a factory to produce raw materials and production is controlled in accordance with international quality assurance GMP, HACCP, FDA, and HALAL, making it possible to produce products according to standards. and meet the needs of customers