Comprehensive coffee and tea business training center

Complete brewing course with both theory and practice.
Suitable for those who are interested in making tea-coffee, those who want to run a coffee shop business. or those who dream of becoming a professional barista that even without the basics of making coffee before can learn with confidence With a curriculum taught by baristas who have expertise and more than 10 years of experience, complete the coffee standard course. by the Specialty Coffee Association of the world (SCA – The Specialty Coffee Association) guarantees that you have graduated and received a Certificate of Quality Certification, ensuring that you graduated can be used for real. Increase your skills and knowledge beyond your expectations. Including being able to expand the coffee shop business professionally

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onsite at Hat Yai only!

Online course

online course

online course
with tea ingredients

online course
with raw materials, tea, coffee

online course
with tea ingredients and equipment

Review of the course atmosphere

coffee machine installation review

CSR activities for society

cooperation with various agencies

Instructor : Senior Barista
MR. Jarkapong Loedrattanachiwkan
Experts and more than 10 years of experience.

complete the course
SCA Roasting Intermediate
SCA Barista Skills Professional
SCA Brewing Professional
from the institute The Specialty Coffee Association

Assistant Barista
MR.Tanapol Nathithongkun

complete the course
from tea and coffee institute in conjunction with the Agro-Industry Office Mae Fah Luang University and Faculty of Agro-Industry Prince of Songkhla University

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