Accept OEM products







Original Equipment Manufacturer

We are ready to produce products in your
own brands with a professional team who
have more than 40 years of experience.

Making iced tea powder, Green Tea, Coffee, Cocoa

“We are the leader in producing and distributing
quality tea and coffee in Thailand.”

Select the product you are interested in.

We accept the production of raw materials such as iced tea, green tea, coffee, cocoa, and have consulting staff to provide customers with products that meet their needs.

Production Process

Research and develop formulas according to customer needs. ready to produce sample products for customers to try before actual product production

Name the brand and request the FDA.

Proceed to submit request for FDA and nutrition information to customers

Product design, product labels and logos

We have a team to design products, product labels and logos for customers.

With over 40 years of experience, we can produce what you need
and ensure that you will receive a product that meets your
requirements. Your brand will be recognized in the
tea, coffee market which is a business group that
continues to grow both domestic and international.


production minimum

1,500 kg/month

production capacity

259 brand

already produced


starting price

Production Process


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